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Traditional Parenting

“As an individual whose knowledge about my cultural came as an adult, I know how cultural identity plays a part of who we become. Reconnecting with my culture and learning about my identity as a positive helped create paths for me to break the intergenerational trauma cycles, I was experiencing. “
I have redeveloped this training and updated it to meet new standards, and when it was complete, I met with Knowledge Keeper Judy Pelly who gave her upmost approval of the training and hoped I would deliver it as much as possible. With her approval and guidance this training would play an important role in reconnecting families with culture, identity, self-reflection, and goals towards breaking the cycles of intergenerational trauma.

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Group Training

Traditional Parenting Training can be flexible based on the need of the individual. Monthly group trainings are available with an option for individual training for those who are unable to attend the group sessions. Every other month weekly evening group sessions will take place for those who can’t attend the daytime sessions. All group trainings have a knowledge keeper present. These trainings take place at the Haven Family Support building 1410 20th Street West. Training dates and times will be posted to our Facebook page "Indigenous Family Wellness". Give us a like and follow!

One-On-One Training

Secure Certificate of Indian Status Cards

At Haven we realize the important of needing your Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS) Card.

We help you through the process, application, and photo requirements.

Contact Jocelyn at 306.716.4878 or for more information