Haven Kids' House

Haven Kids’ House (formerly Saskatoon Crisis Nursery) is a loving temporary home for children when their family needs us.

We offer emergency childcare 24/7, 365 days a year, providing a safe haven for children aged 0-12 years in times of crisis.

Our Kids’ House is a place of caring and safety, so that kids can be kids, and parents can be successful. Emergency childcare gives families the support and space they need so they can get through. Parents/Caregivers trust us to take care of their kids while they weather the storm.

When families need us, we’re here to support them.

How We Help

Every family’s situation is unique and our support reflects that. We are honoured to look after children for parents/caregivers needing assistance with short term or ongoing issues.

Whatever the situation we welcome families and children with love and support, and without judgement.

We also advocate for parents/caregivers in need, and we refer parents/caregivers to resources that will provide further assistance.

We want families to know that they are not alone.

We’re here to help them navigate one of the most important and difficult jobs in the world, being a parent.

We operate from a preventative model by offering community-based childcare for children, while their parents/caregivers take the space and time they need.

We work hard to support families so they can stay together. Sometimes families feel like they are barely hanging on. It’s our belief that when parents are given support, encouragement and access to services, they can thrive.

We take care of children while their parents deal with crisis and difficult life challenges, such as:

  • Chronic mental or physical health conditions

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Domestic or sexual violence

  • Postpartum effects

  • Housing crisis or homelessness

  • Parenting stress – especially for single parents

  • Prevention of childhood abuse or neglect

  • Lost children

  • Support for parents when getting treatment for addictions

Need Help?

Don't hesitate to call us if you are going through difficult times and your child needs care and attention.

Call: 306.242.2433

What We Do and How We Do It

For The Children

  • A safe and loving home away from home for children age 0- 12 years

  • Open 24/7 – 365 days of the year

  • Trained emergency childcare staff can ensure that all of children’s needs are met

  • All services are free of charge and confidential

  • We provide all meals (including snacks and infant feeding), diapers and infant formula

  • We provide clothing and shoes (indoor and outer wear) as needed

  • We have play areas equipped with toys, books, activities and games

  • Trained childcare workers offer supervised activities (indoor and outdoor)

For The Parents

  • Immediate shelter for their children – open 24/7

  • Information/referral to other agencies and services that may help

  • Reassurance that their children will be cared for and safe

  • Information/referral to other agencies and services that may help in resolving the crisis

  • 24-hour contact with childcare staff

R.E.P. Program

(Recreational, Educational, Playful) Program

The REP program enables Haven Kids’ House staff to incorporate Recreational, Educational and Playful programming into the everyday care of children here.

Sometimes this means playing in the house, doing sports activities in the back yard or taking children to events and outings in Saskatoon. Through participation in these activities, children are able to take their mind off of their current situation and simply enjoy being a kid.

We’re always looking for donations that help us enrich children’s stays at our Kids’ House. If you or someone you know can help with gift certificates or tickets to a family/child friendly event, please contact us.


Thank you to our supporters!